The Commons 2019

Performance as Responsive Practice

Equal parts workshop and artistic activity, Justin Tornow has developed an event that seeks to expand the going definitions of “performance.” With co-authorship, personal interpretation, and immediacy as central goals of the project, participants will be introduced to the ease and utility of scores in art — simply put, scores are instructions for artistic activity. In the workshop, we will discuss the history of using scores for performance and make some of our own to create/affect the soundscape, lighting, and physical movement of bodies and objects in the space. Avoiding limiting ideas about the right and wrong ways to perform, we can allow for peaceful experimentation and delight in a shared experience.

Our time together will culminate in a unique, one-time-only happening, where individual energies, ideas, and contributions collide.

May 31, 2019, 8-9:30pm. CURRENT artspace.
The Commons Residency at UNC- Chapel Hill

A unique aspect of The Commons residency was that each artist’s process included an embedded writer who wrote three pieces about the work for INDY Week.

Read the pieces by embedded writer Chris Vitiello:
Week 1
Week 2
And responses to the Happening by writers Michaela Dwyer and Chris Vitiello.

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justin tornow