Established in 2013, COMPANY is a responsive vehicle for artmaking.

As a host for public interdisciplinary art events, COMPANY purposes the Happenings model specifically for spontaneous, interactive, and accessible art scenarios— we hope to expand the possibilities of art in public life.

As a group of artists designing multi-disciplinary installations that include performance, light, visual art, sound, and video media, COMPANY works both locally and internationally, enlivening non-traditional spaces and collaborating across disciplines to create new works that are only achievable through shared vision and authorship. COMPANY has presented intermedia work in museums across North Carolina, major productions at The Fruit, 21C, and The Carrack, and improvisatory performances in the area and abroad in France, Italy, and Germany.

SHOW (2018) is a large scale art model created and produced by Justin Tornow (concept, choreography) with collaborators Heather Gordon (concept, visual art,) Chris Fleming (concept, light design,) and Alex Maness (concept, tech, film and projection.) Premiere: July 2018 at The Durham Fruit Company Documentation by Michelle Lotker.